Day 13 – How My Friends & Family Describe Me


Excuse me as I brag a little...  You're a pain in the ass. You're violent. You're overprotective. You're really smart. You're really pretty, without your make-up shit. You're hilarious even when you're not trying to be. You're really ambitious. You're too caring. - Brother You inspire me believe it or not, your doing your blog consistently, you lost maaaaaaad weight (not to make you sound like a whale before l0l but just sayin), your paying offf loans n shit - all of those things require … [Read more...]

Day 11: Health Scare


I don't really like to discuss my health on the blog but I will reminisce on a friends health scare: A few weeks ago, a third of my trio underwent emergency surgery. The missed calls, the what's app messages, the text messages ... I almost had a heart attack walking through Bryant Park. My phone was on silent, I was dealing with my own share of bad news and I had just left the doctor's office. It just wasn't expected. When I spoke to her I remained calm, that's our dynamic. Delli is calm … [Read more...]

Day 10: Defining Life Moment


The conversation began with a "Hey Yetti, how are things?", and ended with what I perceived at the time as a hard stop on my plans to move to New York. For months I had been applying to jobs, rewriting resumes and cover letters and saying prayers to all God's and the universe. I wanted this move more than anything, especially at that very point in time. But in order for me to move, it had to be safe, it had to be planned out, it had to avoid all crazy risks. When I realized I was being … [Read more...]

Day 9 – Theme Song of My Life

IMAGE COURTESY OF FROM A WILDFLOWER Jordan Sparks - One Step At A Time. I'm always in a rush to get to a certain state. I think the only thing I am unable to rush are my relationships & my mother. It's hard for me to remember to take things one day at a time, without worry about the future. It's a mixture of the fear of not knowing if your current decision will benefit in the future or (pessimistic Yetti) the wondering if whatever current situation I am dealing with or loving is … [Read more...]

Day 8 – Old / New City [Throwback]


I have a constant theme song. It's a mixture of sirens, taxi horns, Peggy from apartment 53, and the drunk guy that sings "Guantanamera" from his fire escape at 3:42am on Weds mornings. It's a combination of incredible street music, "Baby why you walking so fast, that ass is fat", arguing couples and teenage girl's gossip. I live in New York No one is afraid to be different. Oh wait, there is one person, that would be me. I am in the midst of a melting pot and it's scary yet inspiring all at … [Read more...]