Happiness Will Not Fall Into Your Lap

"Expect rejection. Expect doubters. Expect rough days. That’s all apart of the journey, it makes reaching the goal sweeter" If there has been a theme to this year of blissful fuckery, this title would be it. With mistakes comes harsh consequences. ...

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Lessons From A Hiatus

[ cracks knuckles ] Feels good to be back. Lesson One: It's Never Truly A Hiatus No, I have not posted anything. I've barely tweeted, facebooked, or shimmied down the social media road with new content or YS advertising. I sent out my newsletter ...

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No, You Can’t Have It Easy

No, you can't have it easy. Because dreams were not meant to be easy. They're weren't meant to fall into your lap. They weren't meant to be a walk in the park through fields of daisies, sunflowers, and roses. No, they're meant to be large, and ...

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What My 11-year-old Sister Taught Me

This past week I spent sometime back in Massachusetts hanging out with my siblings for the week as my parents got their groove back in Jamaica. I dropped her off and picked her up from school. We did homework in the evenings. We watched movies, ...

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DPY – Honor Your Craft

Inspired by a snailmail note, that absolutely came at the right time. Dear Phenomenal Yetti, You've been given a gift. You've been blessed with a purpose. You know your passions. So now learn to honor your craft. Stop shying away from ...

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