Not Everyone Deserves A Piece Of You

I get criticized every time I take a twitter break. A groupme chat break. A slight disappearance but still available to my closest. A social media silence. I go off the grid, unannounced, pop in for a few, comment on a few things, promote the blog ...

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When Life Gives You Lemons

At some point during the year, our lives topple over onto it's side. An overwhelming mess is created, a mess not even professional maids could withstand. Everything is out of place, everything is not what it should be, it's all unexpected and of ...

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Thoughts From A Former Cutter

“Don’t worry, I know what you’re looking at. They’re just scars.” They weren’t fresh wounds, but they were going to take years to fade and blend in. They were neatly placed, both horizontally and vertically, only on one arm, but they took up that ...

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Their Bigger vs. My Better

This holiday season I couldn't help but wonder what my plan would be for and 2015. With the lack of internet connection while in London, and doing everything possible to avoid other bloggers tweets of "New Year, New Me," & "Bigger and ...

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2014 – My Year

There is something about this year that makes me want to cartwheel and jump over the moon into 2015. This year was incredible, but at the same time it blowed. This year I experienced painful losses, but also experienced a level of happiness I’m still ...

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