Fit In It Challenge Week 4


Week Four Challenges Assignment O1 | Check in on the goal outfit! --- Check-In: This is for you! Try on that outfit and see how far you've come along. Week Four Exercise From JazzyFit As stated before within the intro post, you control the pace of this challenge, so do not commit to anything you truly can not do! Good luck guys! … [Read more...]

Fit In It Challenge Update 2


Post by Yetti Says.   Check out other what others are doing: Tilapia with a lemon sauce and sauteed brussel sprouts for dinner #Yummm and healthy #YSFitInIt. — Deli (@Delis_Words) July 22, 2014 #ysfitinit day one of yogo complete I thought I was gonna die though @YETTIsays I totally underestimated this — Sukari A Brown (@SukariBrown) July 21, 2014 … [Read more...]

Fit In It Challenge Week 2


Week TWO Challenges Time to up the ante: Assignment O1 | Commit to an active week: It's time to get active, or more active if you're already hitting the gym. It could be increasing the days you spend in the gym, going to one more class a week, or taking up a walk when you'd usually be lounging on the couch but commit to being active at least 4 days this week! --- Check-In:  Let the world know you're committed! Using the hashtag #ysfitinit tweet what your plan is, or simply reply my Facebook … [Read more...]

Fit In It Challenge Week 1


Week ONE Challenges Welcome to the first Fit-In-It weekly challenge. Now the whole aim of this challenge is to make some healthier choices that helps you make progress towards fitting into a certain item of clothing. Please remember, losing weight and getting is a lifestyle change, so you're doing this to work towards a permanent better you! Assignment O1 | Find your fit in it outfit : Find your outfit and take a picture in it. Yes, in it, even if it doesn't fit quite yet. When losing weight … [Read more...]

Join The Fit In It Challenge !


So you missed the deadline for the summer body, but it’s not too late. Every year I set a challenge for myself to get into shape for the summer. I invite my readers to join in with me, I try to track my progress on le blog and I encourage you all to share your progress with me. Since summer has already began, let's move towards simply getting into shape. Now this challenge started a little earlier for me, and was more centered on getting back into a healthier lifestyle. My best-friends and I … [Read more...]