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GenTwenty Interview

  G20: How has Yetti Says developed in the past year? How has your writing and voice changed following your rebrand in 2014? Yetti: Wow, since the last time we spoke, YettiSays has definitely grown quite a bit. I feel as though my audience ...

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Favorite Posts from YS.COM

I figured before the month ended, I'd share some of my favorite blog posts from from this past blog year. This year has been record breaking for me in all of my ten years of blogging, and I've managed to branch out and meet some incredible ...

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YS.COM Blog Roll

When rebranding from And So She Writes to Yetti Says, I opted to leave out my "Links I Love" page. I fall out of writer's love easily, and to be honest, the extra work of constantly updating, I definitely could do without. But in honor of this ...

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Bloggers, Are We Attention Whores?

A couple weeks ago I had a conversation with someone which sparked me to ask twitter if they thought bloggers were narcissists or "attention whores". The answers were a mixture of "eh, sometimes", strong no's, and one DM turned email of yes and an ...

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