YS Guest Bloggers Week

  So, it's about that time. YOUR voice. YOUR uncensored truth. HERE on I will be hosting my very first Guest Bloggers Week July 20 - July 24, showcasing your work here on my blog. It'll serve as a mini hiatus for me, but also as  a way ...

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Feature on She Writes Life

I have been following Ms. Yetti Ajayi-Obe for over four years and she has single handedly changed my life. Her blunt and relatable honesty has coached me through so many days where I wanted to be really hard on myself. She cuts through the inevitable ...

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Currently – 6/28

Time: 8:30AM Feeling: Good. Great. Relieved. Excited Eating / Drinking: Water. Listening to: Joe - Stutter Missing: Palm Beach Wishing: I could redo yesterday. Good day. Should be doing: A whole lot of shit for work. Boss is ...

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No, You Can’t Have It Easy

No, you can't have it easy. Because dreams were not meant to be easy. They're weren't meant to fall into your lap. They weren't meant to be a walk in the park through fields of daisies, sunflowers, and roses. No, they're meant to be large, and ...

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Currently – 6/22

Time: 11:30PM Feeling: Disappointed. Eating / Drinking: Nothing. Listening to: Power [ watching T.V ] Missing: My boobs from 2012. Wishing: I could control my appetite. I want to eat the damn fridge. Whole. Should be doing: Sleeping, early gym ...

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