49 Minutes, The D Train, & Me

"We're being held due to traffic, we appreciate your patience." Rolling of eyes, shifting of body weight, and heavy sighs took over my train car. "The MTA ain't shit," mumbled the woman seated to the left of me as she adjusted her ...

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Happiness Will Not Fall Into Your Lap

"Expect rejection. Expect doubters. Expect rough days. That’s all apart of the journey, it makes reaching the goal sweeter" If there has been a theme to this year of blissful fuckery, this title would be it. With mistakes comes harsh consequences. ...

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Lessons From A Hiatus

[ cracks knuckles ] Feels good to be back. Lesson One: It's Never Truly A Hiatus No, I have not posted anything. I've barely tweeted, facebooked, or shimmied down the social media road with new content or YS advertising. I sent out my newsletter ...

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