Bask in it. Enjoy it.

Every morning consists of planning out my day. On the train I write myself memos and a schedule. During my gym warm up and cool down I read over emails, reply text messages, and obsess over my never-ending to-do list. I juggle my blog, my ...

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Currently – 7/13

Time: 6:12PM Feeling: Exhausted, but good. Happy. Eating / Drinking: Water. Listening to: Nothing. Missing: Mr. Smith. Wishing: I wasn't such a procrastinator. Should be doing: Work... crap. Like actual corporate america crap. Reading: ...

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YS Guest Bloggers Week

  So, it's about that time. YOUR voice. YOUR uncensored truth. HERE on I will be hosting my very first Guest Bloggers Week July 20 - July 24, showcasing your work here on my blog. It'll serve as a mini hiatus for me, but also as  a way ...

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