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Throwback Thursday: There’s Only One You

It doesn’t matter when or where, it doesn’t matter the age, we’ve all experienced it at some point, so we all can relate to that icky feeling of being compared to someone else. You feel inadequate, sort of as though you don’t measure up. These thoughts consume you and affect your every day choices and even worse… you… 

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What Are We Waiting For?

"It's so fucking cold today," has been the choice conversation starter as of late. Yesterday's weather forced me into a sweater and blazer, because it was far too cold to display my arms and I was far too much in denial to accept that it is indeed fall to pull out a light jacket. Summer said, "Fuck this, I'm out. I do not want to wait until the … [More]


Currently: 9/15

Time: 10:16AM Mood: Happy :) Eating / Drinking: Water / Egg whites with turkey bacon, mushrooms, red and green peppers, and spinach Listening to: Status call [ But would be listening to "Don't Wanna Dance - Elle Varner" otherwise ] Missing: Nothing, I'm so content right now. Wishing: That I started this project a little earlier. Late night … [More]


Because Rape Is Just That Serious

I’ve toyed with discussing this on my blog for the past year. I tend to shy away from this topic on social media and my blog because I feel as though it is too fragile of a topic to delve into. For the past day or two, my twitter timeline has been on HIGH. Topics from colorism, to Ferguson, to domestic violence and to of course rape have all been … [More]


Currently 9/8

Time: 9:03AM Mood: Cranky Eating / Drinking: This nasty ass cleanse juice. Let's see if I can stick to it this time... Listening to: Wikzid Radio [ Omo Naija! ] Missing: A friend. So much. Wishing: To figure shit out within my near future. Doing: A status report, why the fuck do we still have to do this?! [ insert cranky yetti groan and … [More]


Thank You Chicago

We flagged him down from the hotel entrance for about 3 minutes. He insisted we walked to him, instead of him to drive towards us like all the other cabs we had taken this weekend. He wasn't very friendly, the cab smelled of BO and his seats were ripped and unkempt. "Get in," "We're trying, you have shit all over your seats," I replied before … [More]


Throwback Thursday: What We Learn As

Originally Written 8/13/2013 The difference between my little sister and I at her age is that she has a pure heart. A sense of innocence and a true want for anything but conflict. At her age... I was bossy, I was cheeky and I was an extrovert. Well before moving to America anyway. But I'm starting to notice some similarities outside of our … [More]