Roconia’s Recap of Back 2 Basics!

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"The question was accompanied by a silent red asterisk, marking it mandatory. “What is your biggest insecurity?” The asterisk was insistent; I could not purchase a ticket without answering the question. Fine. I mulled it over. There were times when I actually wanted to scrap my whole body. Toss it (maybe in front of an 18 wheeler?) and start all over. I’ve discussed it with God, sometimes ...

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Back 2 Basics – Love Was In The Air

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There's something about watching something you worked so very hard on come together beautifully, just as planned. There's something about organization being the key reason why the previously mentioned happens. There's something about only having positive energy to push you to the finish line. There's something about the pressure that keeps you afloat. Yes, there's something about it. Too bad ...

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Dear Ambitious Woman, Part Two.


Dear Ambitious Woman, If your goal and mission is greater than you, this note if for you, cherry pie. If you need to be eased in, you can start with Part One, but come back to Part Two. This message is for you, because you need hear it. This is for the Ambitious Woman hiding from criticism. Get used to the tough love. Did you hear me? Get . used . to . tough . love . Get used to the ...

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