Guest Bloggers Takeover // Journey to Contentment

When I was younger, I had a fairy-tale written for myself: I would be married by 25 and be a mommy by 27. It sounded good. And what I envisioned looked even better. But life comes at you fast and things don’t always go the way we’d hoped. I’m 25 and single. I understand that for some women that might not be a big deal. But up until a couple of months ago, that sentence made me cringe and ...

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Guest Bloggers Takeover // Adornment / Waist beads


my belly is soft // the sides of my hips are adorned with stretch marks from weight gain and physical growth; my stomach is noticeable when I do not want it to be. I have spent valuable time hiding my body, cursing it, hoping that it will miraculously shift and shrink. my scale has been the first thing to greet me on many mornings; before coffee, before the warmth of a shower, before my thoughts ...

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