Guest Bloggers Takeover // Adornment / Waist beads


my belly is soft // the sides of my hips are adorned with stretch marks from weight gain and physical growth; my stomach is noticeable when I do not want it to be. I have spent valuable time hiding my body, cursing it, hoping that it will miraculously shift and shrink. my scale has been the first thing to greet me on many mornings; before coffee, before the warmth of a shower, before my thoughts ...

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Guest Bloggers Takeover // Room For Doubt


I don’t often admit this on blogging spaces, but I can become quite frustrated with the state of my romantic affairs. I’ve always felt like I am built to be in a relationship. I love being in love, I love being with love. It just makes sense in my mind, that I would have found the person that I am destined to be with for the rest of my life by now. Right? I’m currently with someone and he is ...

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Guest Bloggers Takeover // Realize Your Value Before Society Decides It For You


“Woe is me,” disappointment, and bitterness are just some of the things we can all relate to when we get taken advantage of. Little do we know, it all starts with us. Self value impacts numerous experiences in our lives. We tend to accept jobs, maintain relationships, or even choose where to travel based on how much we value ourselves. As I analyze my own life and look back at who I was, I ...

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