Phenomenal You Series: Behind The Book With Tyece Wilkins [ GIVEAWAY ]


There are folks who do it for the money or the perks. There people who do not have the drive to pave their own way, leaving authenticity on the back shelf. And then there are creatives and artists like Tyece Wilkins, that aim to be genuine and truthful, while tugging at your thoughts and spirit. A month ago in the midst of blogging, event planning and building an unstoppable brand, Tyece of ...

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Happiness Will Not Fall Into Your Lap


"Expect rejection. Expect doubters. Expect rough days. That’s all apart of the journey, it makes reaching the goal sweeter" If there has been a theme to this year of blissful fuckery, this title would be it. With mistakes comes harsh consequences. With lies comes harsh realities and the truth in a blinding, unforgiving light. With success comes self-induced pressure and sleepless night. And ...

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This Is What Happens When Your Best Friend Is Leaving

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I just walked through memory lane. It started with the moment you accidentally flashed Kemal beginning of freshman year, and he dropped our bunk bed leaving Elias struggling with the other end. Then there was that summer of when we moved into our first apartment. What a shit hole. Oh, and the summer after that when you discovered alcohol, and that time you chased my drunk ass to East ...

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