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Currently: 9/1

Time: 10:24PM Mood: Drained… but happy Eating / Drinking: Water, you know the deal… a gallon a day! Listening to: The T.V. [ Pretty Little Liars ] Missing: Chicago and the 8 girls I spent the weekend with. I miss them a lot. Wishing: To find the perfect venue for my upcoming event! Doing: Unpacking Should be doing: A lot … A… 

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You’re Pretty For a

"Excuse me miss, can I have a second of your time?" It was early, my hair was not in a suitable style and my eyes were mascara-less. My first instinct was to ignore him. I wanted to shake my head 'no', and continue walking across Broadway towards my date: my 6:30AM personal training session. But instead, I remembered my best-friend's words of me … [More]


Currently – 8/25

Time: 10:32AM Mood: Content Eating / Drinking: Peppermint Tea / Oatmeal Listening to: Sam Smith's Album Missing: My Bed... Wishing: To find the perfect venue for my upcoming event! Doing: My bosses work as he enjoys his vacation, [ side eye ] Should be doing: A lot ... A LOT of stuff. Mainly website prep. Reading: The Alchemist. Again. … [More]


Throwback Thursday: 20 Things The Pre

Originally Written 12/06/2013 On my birthday I was asked what was the most important thing I learned before turning 25. I ignored the question and continue the conversation. Not because I am rude or anything, but simply because I couldn't give an answer. I still can't really give an answer, but it gave me the below idea for a blog post. So folks, … [More]


The Bullshit The Psychic Told Me

P sychic, Yetti? I know. But my friend and I were bored. And she was curious. And I was willing. So we ventured to the home of a psychic to have our minds left thoroughly perplexed. This wasn't my first psychic reading, and the way that mind works it probably won't be my last, but this time, I took it seriously. There were things that she knew … [More]


5 Things Twitter Taught Me About Men

Thank my multiple group chats for this one! O1 | MEN GOSSIP I believe it was Diddy that coined the phrase "bitchassness" and it honestly is the only way to explain some of the events that occur in the land of Twitter... and sometimes outside. As I explained before, I sometimes view twitter as the internet version of a high-school cafeteria. … [More]


[CLOSED] 100th Post On –

100 posts of uncensored truth. 100 posts of yettisms. 100 posts of my words unedited. 100 posts surrounded by support and gratitude. 100 posts you guys have read and I honestly would just like to say thank you. Most people would call this corny, but I'm going to file this under sentimental. This post marks number 100 of the posts I have … [More]