WomenSay Post Series: Bonnets, The Knife, & More


It's summer, summertime and it's time to get back in touch with Men and Women Says clan! To ease everyone into the posts we have planned, we're starting this summer's post series with a little discussion on appearances! Everyone is trying to be snatched this summer, but... how far are you willing to go? Check out what the ladies had to share! O1 // How much of your appearance upkeep is ...

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Reader Question: Balancing Your Passions

Hey Yetti, I started to follow your blog earlier this year and I really like your honesty. You always kind of seem on the go, busy with lots off stuff.  How do you balance your passions out? I have so many goals I want to conquer, a few are large ongoing projects. How do you make time for them all! Oh, and before I forget, your "Extra Dose" newsletter is now a part of my Saturday morning Me ...

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Currently: 5/25


Time: 4:10PM Mood: Happy ☺ Eating / Drinking: Strawberry & Vanilla Bean Coolatta Listening to: One Time - Migos Missing: Nothing Wishing: I could skip work tomorrow Should be doing: Exactly what I’m doing… blogging. Reading: #GirlBoss. Still. Give me till next week. Thinking: I had an amazing weekend with old and new friends. Talking to: Fidelis Current affirmation: Plotting: This ...

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